eMagazine Archive - Host City

Spring 2016

In this Issue

  • What next for Olympic Agenda 2020?
  • London's festival of lights
  • Will Rio 2016 be safe?

Winter 2015

In this Issue

  • SPECIAL REPORT: China’s giant sports investments 
  • Host City returns to Glasgow in November 2016

Autumn 2015

In this Issue

  • City branding at the World Expo
  • Sir Craig Reedie on 2024 Olympic bids
  • Who wants to be a Capital of Culture?

Summer 2015

In this Issue

  • Will Rio be ready for 2016?
  • How to kit out UEFA events
  • HOST CITY 2015: The largest EU gathering of cities and events

Winter 2014

In this Issue

  • Japan’s double mega-event challenge
  • IOC programme of reform: Reflections on Agenda 2020
  • How can Games develop your city?