Jianhong Liu

Position: President, QQ Sports

Renowned presenter and soccer commentator, had acted as producer of CCTV programs including “Soccer Night” and “Total Soccer”, he created the most successful sports program in the history of China, and commentated on major soccer competitions including the FIFA World Cup and the European Cup. He is the first winner of the Golden Mic Award in the sports circle of China. In 2014, he acted as Chief Content Officer and Co-president of Le Sports, in charge of sports content and operations of Le and developed China’s biggest Internet sports content platform at that time. On August 2, 2018, Liu was officially appointed as President of Penguin Sports, in charge of its overall strategic layout and operations. He puts forward the concept of “service platform” and is devoted to developing a sports service platform integrating “content + sport events + services” of Chinese sports. He has engaged in the sports industry for over 20 years, always champions the vision of “Sports Changes the World”, works on the frontlines of the reform of the industry, and is a pioneer and doer of the development of the China’s sports industry.