Rogier Lecluse

Position: Manager Operations, Saan Trucking

Rogier Lecluse is the Manager Operations from Saan Trucking. After completing his study Industrial Engineering and Management joined the company in 2011. Before he was the Manager Operations, he started as a Project Manager within Royal Dutch Saan. In addition to his job, he also did volunteer work during the World Rowing Championships in 2014. 
Saan Trucking is a young independent company originated in 2012 from Royal Dutch Saan, a family-based company with a great history in logistic services. Rogier truly believes in one of the company quotes; we believe it’s not only about the trucks on the road, it’s about the people who drive the trucks. Team effort is his main goal. 

To co-operate with our head office in Cluj, stay in good contact with our drivers’ team, our suppliers and clients, Rogier travels all over Europe. To stay involved and be a part of the driver’s team he is working together with them every six to eight weeks ‘’on site’’.